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Award Winning Actress Lauren Bacall Dead at age 89

Lauren Bacall was a celebrated actress, as well as Humphry Bogart’s partner both on screen and in life. She was 89 when she died of a massive stroke on August 12th in her home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Bacall has appeared in more than 30 movies and was married to Humphry Bogart for 12 years, having two children with him, before his death in 1957. Her son, Stephen, confirmed her death to the managing partner of the Humphry Bogart Estate, J.F. De Klerk.

Here are some quotes from Lauren Bacall’s work and about her life:

“I traveled by roller coaster, a roller coaster on which the highs were as high as anyone could every hope to go. And those lows were lower than anyone should ever have to go – 10 degrees below hell,” Bacall said.

Her words on success found at an early age:

“When everything happens to you when you’re so young, you’re very lucky, but by the same token, you’re never going to have that same feeling again. The first time anything ever happens to you – your first love, your first success – the second one is never the same.”

On balancing marriage with a career:

“I put my career in second place in both of my marriages and it suffered. I don’t regret it. You make choices. If you want a good marriage, you must pay attention to that. If you want to be independent, go ahead. You can’t have it all.”

Bacall’s comments about her self-image:

“I’m not ashamed of what I am – of how I pass through this life. What I am has given me the strength to do it. At my lowest ebb I have never contemplated suicide. I value what is here too much.”

Bacall went on to talk about how much she hoped to contribute to others through her work and how uncertain she was about her own future. She said she was not always happy with herself, but understood no one is perfect.

“I’m not sure where the next years will take me – but I am open to suggestions,” Bacall said.

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