2014’s World Cup: Quotes of the Cup

The World Cup this year was full of emotion, drama, and excellent football. Last weekend saw both the third place match as well as the final World Cup match between Germany and Argentina. Germany came away with the victory with a late goal at the end of extra time versus the formidable Argentineans. The barrage of games and coverage of the cup has finally come to an end.

With Germany’s victory, the country gains its first World Cup title as a united country and its fourth overall (West Germany has won 3 World Cup titles). The victory means a lot for Germany, as many of the players and sports commentators have brought a great deal of attention to the diverse team made up of players with Polish, African, Arab, and Turkish descent.

Brazil turned out to be a great host, although it still faces a number of criticisms from its citizens. Regardless, the World Cup was able to go on with little to no issues. The US was able to make a strong showing, climbing out of what was likely the most dangerous pairings going into the tournament.

So to look back on the cup, check out these cool quotes:

Gary Lineker on Germany’s 7-1 victory over Brazil: “In nigh on half a century of watching football, that’s the most extraordinary, staggering, bewildering game I’ve ever witnessed.”

Diego Maradona on his predictions: “I didn’t like Brazil from the start, but I didn’t think Germany were going to be so imposing, so devastating, so decisive.”

Fred on his goal in the World Cup: “As amazing as it sounds, the ball hit my mustache, It was a mustache goal.”

Iran’s coach on Messi: “Messi could be the best player in the world – if he was human.”

Neymar on the tackle that caused the injury that took him out of the cup: “If it had been another two centimeters I could be in a wheelchair today.”

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