Actor James Garner Passes Away at Age 86

Actor James Garner died at the age of 86 on Saturday, July 19, 2014 at his home in Los Angeles. He is best remembered for his roles in prime-time television, such as the frontier gambler in “Maverick” and the private eye in “The Rockford Files”. Garner, a native of Oklahoma, had a 60 year acting career and typically played rugged characters that were charming with a dry sense of humor. He started acting in the 1950s after serving in the Korean War.

Here are some quotes from James Garner that span his long career in film and television:

When I started working, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, in that I was just wandering around, hoping that I could succeed. Then after I got a little under my belt, it took me about 25 years to feel like I knew what I was doing.

I saw my wife at a pool, flipped over her, and 14 days later we were married.

“About everything I ever have done, in the way of lawsuits against studios, I’ve won them all, because I was right every time.”

“Marriage is like the Army; everyone complains, but you’d be surprised at the large number of people who reenlist.”

When the actor was asked if he’d ever do a nude scene he was quoted as responding, “I don’t do horror films.”

“I’m a Spencer Tracy-type actor. His idea was to be on time, know your words, hit your marks and tell the truth. I don’t think acting is that difficult if you can put yourself aside and do what the writer wrote.”

“I don’t like to speak in public. It scares the devil out of me.”

“I got into the business to put a roof over my head. I wasn’t looking for star status. I just wanted to keep working.”

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