Apple v. Samsung Trial full of Quotes

If you haven’t heard, this week the months long trial between Apple and Samsung over patents and design copying finally reached its end. Jurors decided in favor of Apple and imposed hefty fines on Samsung as well as potential prevention of sales for some of their products. The most eye-popping part of it was the $1 billion dollars that Samsung now owes Apple.

If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, you can bet there were quite a few impressive quotes from this long trial. We’re going to bring you some of the more impressive and interesting ones that we could find.

In an IndyStar article, there are a few great quotes from the attorneys involved:

“There is nothing nefarious about this, it’s the way technology has evolved. … It’s not against the law in this country to be inspired by your competition.” From Samsung’s lead attorney Verhoeven attorney.

“The damages in this case should be large because the infringement has been massive.” From Apple’s lead attorney McElhinny. They certainly were large at $1 billion plus!

Reuters also captured some good quotes:

“Rather than competing in the marketplace, Apple is seeking a competitive edge in ht ecourtroom, Apple thinks it’s entitled to having a monopoly on a rounded rectangle with a large screen. It’s amazing really.” Apple’s lead attorney once again.

As you can see this has been a battle of words and a battle of perception. Samsung ultimately lost out, but who knows if the case is absolutely closed just yet. There are more lawsuits and issues ahead and there’s no telling what will happen. If you want to read some more quotes from the trial, head on over to this collection of the so-called top 10 quotes from the trial. In the meantime, Apple is enjoying its victory, and so is its stock price.

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