Some of the Best Red Carpet Quotes from the 2014 Grammy Awards

On Sunday of this week, we were all treated to an amazing show thanks to the artists, singers, and celebrities of the world. The 2014 Grammy Awards aired from Los Angeles and did not disappoint.

Americans were able to see their favorite performers and singers arrive via red carpet during all of the pre-show broadcasts, as well as see a variety of performances throughout the evening. Many of them were memorable, and there were even some firsts during the show. Mackelmore performed in front of a number of same-sex couples for the first ever on-air wedding ceremony, which also saw Madonna as a performer.

Needless to say, like many years, the 2014 Grammys were full of surprises and excellent shows. However, a lot of the Grammy Awards action occurs during the red carpet walk beforehand, when many of America’s beloved artists get a chance to speak about the event and anything else that may be on their minds – unless, of course, they win a Grammy Award and have the chance to give an acceptance speech.

Here are some of the best quotes from the red carpet:

Imagine Dragons talking about the success they’ve had in the last year: “I would say we’re all dazed and confused a little bit.”

Ringo Starr remarking about the fact that he could perform with Paul McCartney: “Well, you never know. You know what’s possible? He’s here, and I’m here.”

Ciara talking about her pregnant belly: “Let it be. The bigger the bump, the better.”

Gavin DeGraw said this when asked about his plans for Valentine’s Day: “I’m not gonna have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day, not intentionally, just because I’ll be on tour and it’s hard to coordinate that thing – like, hey, does someone want to fall in love with me between now and Valentine’s Day?”

Madonna on her and her son’s outfits: “He dressed me tonight he wanted me to dress like him, so I obeyed.”

If you liked these but know of some other great quotes from the red carpet or the awards show itself, please feel free to add them to our archive!

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