Chris Christie Wins Re-election, Expect More Great Quotes Like These

The world of politics in the United States has been very dismal in the last few years. There has been one political crisis after another, and the public has grown tired of the majority of politicians on both sides of the isle. Regular Americans seem to have trouble finding politicians who they respect.

There is one, however, in the state of New Jersey who has managed to avoid the bickering and stupidity, and variety of other problems plaguing Washington, DC. That man is the newly re-elected governor of New Jersey. In fact, some say he’s one of the most interesting, well-known, and respected politicians in the country. There are even rumors flying around in political circles that he could be a contender for the President of the United States in the 2016 elections.

To recognize his re-election we thought we’d share some of the statements he has made to show how he has become such a well-liked politician. There are tons of quotes out there on the web, but these are some of the more recent, interesting, and funny:

On the government shutdown Christie is straightforward and critical: “It’s irresponsible of both sides to have allowed this to get where it’s gotten.”

When it comes to the dysfunction in the Senate, Christie comically said, “If I was in the Senate right now, I’d kill myself.”

When trying to help encourage the Senate and House to work together during the government shutdown, Christie told the press, “What I said to any of them that I met with: Get the government reopened, stop monkeying around, and get back to work. I said, I’m out there in the field, people have no patience for this stuff. None.”

After calling Washington “an alternate universe,” Christie told reporters recently that, “I have to tell ya, I was so thrilled to get out of there alive…and seemingly not infected by the awful partisanship that is going on down there now.”

You can bet you’ll be seeing and hearing more about Christie in the news, especially as the next Presidential election draws closer. Feel free to add your own quotes if you have them!

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