Does Technology Threaten the Classic Idea of the Quote?

Everyone enjoys reading an interesting quote from time to time. Heck, some people read one every day to inspire them or cheer them up. A lot of the most impressive quotes we love to read come from people that have long been gone, or from people who are very famous and also intelligent. This is no surprise, as we like to listen to people we think are smarter and better than us. Their success or intelligence is the primary reason we give importance to their words in the first place!

For the longest time, quotes have been found and collected from books, magazines, newspapers, and other hard copy forms. Now we have the Internet. With the internet, we have services like websites, Twitter and other social media, e-mail, forums, and YouTube. That means we all have a wide variety of services that we can get our voices out to. All of these services work great. In fact, they almost work too great.

Given that life these days is moving at lightning-fast speeds, we often are interested in something someone said or did in short bursts of attention. We absorb some information and then we move on. There’s not even a need to remember something, as Google should be able to find whatever we are looking for after a few searches. Technology appears to be shortening our attention span. Plus, to many, it looks like it could be cheapening our discourse.

It’s so easy for something amazing and inspiring to have its internet heyday and then disappear; only remembered by a very small handful of people. In 25 or 50 years, are we going to have quotes from the people we listen to and watch on the web? They are certainly commanding the attention of millions of people, but is the urge to continue spreading informative and inspiring quotes still going to be as strong? We know the internet will keep all of that information for us.

Time will tell!

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