Emmy Awards Show Entertains and Provides Great Quotes

One of the most exciting nights of television if you’re into entertainment is the night the Emmy Awards are presented. TV fans get to see all of their favorite actors and actresses and hope for their favorite shows to win. Even better is that oftentimes the Emmy host and the show itself are incredibly entertaining.

The past year was full of excellent television, TV movies, and TV series that captivated audiences. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development and many more high quality programs stole the show this week at the Emmys. These shows have been quoted all over the internet throughout the year so we thought it’d be great to see some of the best quotes from the Emmy Awards show:

Neil Patrick Harris, host of the show, had a great quote about how fast technology has changed: “Tonight we celebrate the best of television. For the younger audience, that’s the thing you watch on your phones.”

Comedian Tina Fey said to Robert Carlock, her writing partner: “There are not that many people that make me feel lazy and stupid, and you make me feel that way every day.”

Anna Gunn, the actress who plays Skyler in Breaking Bad, on her character’s clothing: “I always wondered why Skyler couldn’t use the drug money just once to buy herself a gown.”

Michael Douglas being rather comedic on receiving his Emmy for outstanding lead actor: “This is a two-hander and Matt, you’re only as good as your other hand. You’re magnificent and the only reason I’m standing here is because of you. You really deserve half of this. So do you want the bottom or the top?”

Stephen Colbert being his regular hilarious self after receiving the Emmy for outstanding variety series: “It’s sort of a clich√© to say it’s an honor to be nominated – it’s more than that – it’s a lie. This is way better.”

Hopefully you were able to catch the Emmy Awards. If not, you can always check out the highlights online! If you know of any other great quotes from your favorite TV shows or the actors in them, feel free to add them to our database!

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