Friendship Quotes

There are few things in life as valuable as friendship. That being said, it makes sense that so much has been said on the subject of friendship. From the trials and tribulations of friendship to the nature of this unique relationship, quotes on friendship cover a wide spectrum. If you are looking for that perfect thought that encapsulates the emotion and intensity (or, sometimes aggravation!) of your friendship, then you’ve come to the right place!

The Friendship Quotes page on exists to serve friends as a comprehensive database on the subject. If it has to do with friendship, we’ve probably got an applicable quote here on this page! However, we can’t say we actually have everything. You probably already have a favorite quote on friendship – one that has inspired you to make the most of your relationships with other people. If that’s the case, we want to encourage you to submit your quote on friendship to today! Chances are, your quote on friendship will touch someone else in the same way that it affected you.

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There are so many creative and fun ways you can share friendship quotes with others. It could be a nice and thoughtful email. Or, you could consider writing your friends letters that tell them how you feel. Incorporate some of your favorite friendship quotes into these letters!

It’s important to let those who are close to us know how we feel. If you don’t have the exact words to do that, you can probably find the right words on this page. Friendship is an age-old value. Not much has changed in terms of humans relating to each other on a very basic level. You might find that a quote from 2500 years ago is just as applicable today as it was back then. Go ahead… dig through the quotes on We’re sure you’ll find the perfect friendship quote that gets directly to the heart of your sentiments about friendship, whether it was spoken yesterday or 2500 years ago!