Funny Quotes

Quotes can inspire us, they can touch our hearts, and they can even make us cry. However, few quotes are treasured so much as the funny quotes that make us laugh, and then laugh some more. Whether it’s from a movie, TV show, political speech, or somewhere online, we’ve collected some of the very best funny quotes, and put them on this page.

If you have a favorite funny quote of your own, then we would love to hear it. Submit your own quote to to continue growing the funny quotes database! When you want to laugh until you cry, remember to come back to this page where you can see some of the funniest lines ever uttered all on this page in one convenient place.

If you have a few that you really like, feel free to print them out, and post them in different places that are a part of your life. Or, share them with friends who you think could use an extra laugh in their life! Pass your favorite funny quotes around the office; put them up in the break room; use them to make your office a lighter place. Or, post them around your house, and in your car!

Also, one of our favorite things about funny quotes is that they bring people together. Oftentimes, two people who have nothing in common with one another can bond over a funny quote that makes both of them roll with laughter. After all, it’s no surprise that funny quotes are often used in Power Points and formal presentations, is it? Humor is a rather universal language!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and dive right into the funny quotes on the page below. You’re sure to start laughing in no time. Below you’ll find some of the funniest quotes ever spoken. Many will be familiar to you. Many more will be completely new and hilarious. has a careful mix of the familiar and the adventurous. So, go ahead, and dive right in! If your co-workers ask you to keep it down, just tell them your reading funny quotes on!