Google Updates its Mobile Maps App: User Interaction and Reviews Even More Important

Google has always been a strong proponent of creating products and services that fit the web 2.0 philosophy. Their work in search basically created the internet we know today. They also helped to create the user-generated web with their support of blogging platforms, readers, free online services, and much more. They’re always improving upon their work and the latest from Google is a brand new update to its Google Maps software.

Google Maps never gets too much attention from supporters of Web 2.0 since it initially was a very straightforward mapping app. As with almost all apps and services on the internet, Google has gradually been adding more and more user interaction and additional data to its Maps app.

The biggest changes for users is the addition of Zagat and other user reviews to locations people want to check out, like bars, stores, restaurants, and more. Google has made it easier for users to share their information and opinions in the Maps app than ever before.

It’s as if Google is bringing everything that came out of the web 2.0 movement like social media, on-demand information, and user-generated data into the Maps app. Google Maps on mobile phones is like bringing the web to reality and bringing reality to the web. The interaction is fascinating and is becoming more and more common with companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook.

Perhaps this sort of interplay between data online and the real world around us is the first sign of where the internet is going in the future. Maybe that will be the Web 3.0 movement that is bound to come about in the near future. The concepts behind Web 2.0 have been around for over 10 years. Technology and the ideas

If you want to check out what else Google changed on its incredibly popular Google Mapps app for mobile and tablets, head to the Google block located here.

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