Last of the Olympics Quotes: Part 1

The last couple of weeks have been quite exciting, haven’t they? Here at the two biggest events that we followed pretty closely this week were the news coming out of NASA about the Curiosity Rover, and the last week of the Olympics. Did you catch the end of the Olympics?

There have been some amazing quotes to come out of this year’s Olympics; so many in fact that we decided to do two posts about them to commemorate the end of a great Olympics. Our first source for quotes comes from the UK branch of Yahoo. They did a great job collecting some of the best quotes. We thought we’d supply the best of the best for you today.

Now on to the quotes:

“It’s what I came here to do, I’m now a legend.”

This was from Jamaica’s Usain Bolt. We all know he was likely one of – if not the – fastest man in the world. He proved that by being the first man to win the 100- and 200 meter races at two Olympics!

“I’m ready to wrestle anyone who steps across that line. If the Queen of England came out on the mat I probably would double-leg her.”

Jason Burroughs said this hilarious quote after winning the gold in his weight class. Talk about that feeling of being on top of the world. He was really ready for anyone!

“I hope that this medal inspires the kids at home to put down guns and knives and pick up a pair of trainers instead.”

This heart-felt and honest quote from Erick Barrondo after he won the first-ever Olympic medal for Guatemala (for the 20km race walk) reminds us that some Olympics athletes have serious and important messages to tell us.

Last but not least – “Good evening, Mr Bond.”

Queen Elizabeth said this during the short-film shown at the opening ceremonies a few weeks ago. Make sure you look it up if you haven’t seen it yet!

Be sure to come back soon for part 2 of our Olympic quotes post. We’ll provide more quotes than part 1 and we won’t disappoint!

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