More Quotes from the Olympics

We here at promised to bring you more quotes and coverage from the Olympics. Well, we’re going to do that right now with this blog post.

With the Olympics about a week from ending, many events have run their course, but many more are just starting. There hasn’t been a shortage of quotes and tweets from athletes, fans, and broadcasters. If you’ve been following the games closely, you’ve probably heard a lot of quotes and sound bites from these people.

We thought we’d bring you more quotes from the 2012 London Olympics. And thanks to the Daily Record in the UK, and their article here, we’ve been able to do just that.

“I saw him after the mixed zone and he gave me a big hug which is unheard of. So I think he is happy,” said Jessica Ennis, British track and field star, about her mentor, Toni Minichiello.

“The sign of a champion is TO NEVER GIVE UP!!! ANDY MURRAY THE WORLD CHAMPION What an inspiration ! GO GREAT BRITAIN, SCOTS ROCK!” tweeted David Hasselhoff.

“The Russians are good at ballet and gymnastics because our soul is about living the music and living the dance,” stated synchronized swimmer, Natalia Ischenko.

“As soon as the final was over I said sorry but Choi told me, ‘It’s okay, I’m glad I got silver’. Then just 30 minutes later he was saying, ‘I hate you,'” said Jin Jong-oh, South Korean pistol shooter, about beating his fellow countryman Choi Young-rae.

As the Olympics start to wind down this week, we’ll try to bring you another post that covers some of the best tweets and quotes of the last days of the 2012 Olympics. Enjoy this last week of Olympics coverage, and be sure to check back with when it’s over.

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