Post-Shutdown In-Fight: Quotes from the GOP

Last week, after 16 days of the first government shutdown in almost two decades, President Obama signed a bill to re-open the government. While the measure signed to re-open the government leaves open the possibility of future problems in a few months, at least the government is running as normal for a few months.

The shutdown itself was a magnet for media attention. Much of it was serious attention, but there were plenty of entertaining news stories as well. Sometimes, the best news to read during situations like this are the quotes from people involved.

It turns out that the shutdown, despite appearing as a GOP House strategy, has created a bit of an in-fight within the party. There are a lot of angry Republicans as to the results of shutdown. In almost every poll, Republicans have taken a beating in the eyes of Americans. Now some Republican representatives are lashing out. Here’s what they’ve been saying:

Pete King of New York: “This party is going nuts.”

Outspoken Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina had this to say: “For the party, this is a moment of self-evaluation, we are going to assess how we got here…If we continue down this path, we are really going to hurt the Republican Party long-term.”

Senator Orrin Hatch comments on the Heritage Foundation, one of the organizations pushing for the shutdown: “Heritage used to be the conservative organization helping Republicans and helping conservatives and helping us to be able to have the best intellectual conservative ideas…Right now, I think it’s in danger of losing its clout and its power around Washington, DC.”

Representative Charlie Dent speaking rather harshly about his fellow Republicans in the house: “lemmings with suicide vests…They have to be more than just a lemming. Because jumping to your death is not enough.”

Wherever you stand on the shut down, it’s clear that the action has created a rift in the Republican Party. No one can guarantee that this won’t happen again in a few more months, but the GOP may have lost too many supporters for a shutdown to go through. It will be an intriguing few months – be sure to keep an eye on politics!

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