Quotes about Hurricane Sandy

Last week, Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the east coast of the US. The warnings and build-up to the storm were talked about for days beforehand. Many people prepared, but few were ready for how serious the storm was in certain areas. Flood surges hammered the east coast and blizzards hit the Appalachian states further inland.

New Jersey and New York got hit very hard by this storm. Millions were without power, and there are many still without power today. No one is quite sure how much the cost will be; it’s likely going to be in the billions of dollars in damages and lost business. What’s worse is that over 40 Americans have been confirmed dead from Sandy, with dozens more people dead in numerous Caribbean countries.

A lot has been said about the storm, and we thought we’d provide some of the best quotes for you here on NaQ!

“The devastation on the Jersey Shore is some of the worst we’ve ever seen. The cost of the storm is incalculable at this point.” – Gov. Chris Christie relating how damaged his state of New Jersey was from Sandy.

“The Hudson River came in and filled half of Hoboken like a bathtub.” – NJ Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

“There are boats in the street five blocks from the ocean.” – Peter Sandomeno, a New Jersey Motel owner.

“It’s 3 feet of heavy snow. It’s like concrete.” – Reed Timmer, a West Virginia meteorologist commenting on the less-reported on areas hit by blizzards and heavy snowfall.

“It was an extremely devastating and destructive storm, hopefully one that people will only see once in their lifetime” – Joe Pollina, National Weather Service meteorologist saying what many people are hoping remains true: that we don’t see another one like this in our lifetimes.

If you’re curious about what you can do to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy be sure to check out the White House’s page dedicated to helping people find out how they can best help their fellow Americans in need.

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