Quotes from the Emmy Awards: Part 1

The Emmy Awards were on TV recently this week. They are a fun show for anyone interested in entertainment and the world of TV. The Emmy Awards are television’s Academy Awards and they do seem to be at least as popular as their Hollywood counterparts.

The Emmy Awards this year went pretty well. We got to see all of our favorite TV stars and there were some surprises throughout the evening to keep things interesting. Here at NaQ we thought we’d take some time to put up a post of some of the most memorable quotes from the Emmy Awards this year. Then we realized there are plenty of quotes that we decided to break it into two posts! So for your first helping of Emmy Award quotes, read on!

“It’s going to be pretty violent, I’m sure. Ed’s going to do his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on me and steal it.” Eric Stonestreet talking about how his co-star Ed O’Neill will react to Eric winning an Emmy.

“We’re going to go away to a romantic island together just for the weekend. When that baby’s ginger, you guys are going to have a field day.” Damian Lewis on how he and co-star Claire Danes dual “Homeland” wins will be celebrated.

“Even though Julie keeps winning all my awards, I am still very happy.” Sofia Vergara about losing the Emmy award to Julie Brown.

“Because I’m better than I was before. And hopefully I’ll be better later too. If you think eveything you’ve done has been great, you’re probably dumb.” Louis C.K. talking about why his latest show “Louie” has won more awards than his attempts in the past.

Those are just a small sampling of the great quotes from the Emmys this week. Be sure to check in to the next post to read about part 2 with plenty more quotes to come with it! You won’t be disappointed.


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