Quotes from the Seahawks Super Bowl Victory

Every year, Americans sit with friends and family to watch one of the greatest sporting events in the country, the Super Bowl. A few tens of thousands are lucky enough to get tickets to the event, and they’re usually die-hard fans of the teams that participate.

This year, the country tuned in to witness the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos. There was a great deal of discussion leading up to the game. It had the potential to be a close and intense match up. Seattle ended their season with the best defense in the league and Denver came to the Super Bowl with the best offense in the league.

The game ended up being a blow-out. It was still entertaining, and many maintain that some great football was played, although Denver fans might disagree. From the beginning, it seemed as though nothing would go well for Denver. Seattle capitalized and played well, eventually winning 43-8.

In honor of the victors, here are some quotes from players, sports fans, and others concerning the Seattle Seahawks victory:

Peter Carroll, on the importance of a high quality defense: “Well people like to say defense wins championships, so you can keep going with that quote for a little while.”

DE Michael Bennett discussing his teammates and their skills together: “I don’t even know how the NFL let all of us get on the same team. I mean, me, Cliff and Clem on the same team is just unfair.”

Denver’s coach John Fox states his reaction to how Seattle played in few words: “We ran into a buzz saw.”

WR Doug Baldwin on the type of players on Seattle’s team: “21 of our 53 players are undrafted, so that should tell you a lot. We have dogs on this team, and every opportunity that they get, whether it’s offense, defense, or special teams, they’re going to go out there and dominate.”

If you know of other quotes from those involved in the Super Bowl or about the Super Bowl, please submit them to our archive!

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