Who Said That? 3 Common Quotes You’re Probably Wrong About

In the midst of all of this upsetting news about the economy and the government shutdown, we thought we’d share a post that would pique your curiosity, instead of again writing something that would just remind you of how upsetting political news can be at times.

Ever wonder how people know who originally uttered a quote? Sometimes it’s incredibly easy to find out. The easiest to detect are the people we have on film or people who are quoted in a written text. Certain quotes from their work or speeches become so well known that anyone can look them up in their original works. Interestingly, however, some quotes manage to survive being attributed to authors who aren’t truly the ones who said them.

It’s not a case of someone stealing a quote, at least not that we’re aware of, but people hear that so-and-so said this quote, and then that sticks in their minds, perpetuating a false author for a quote. People don’t really find out who truly said certain quotes until they dig into the books and materials. Here are a few that shocked us!

One of the most famous historical quotes that most people (come on, we know you aren’t all historians) know is “Let them eat cake.” Many attribute this to Marie Antoinette, but, in reality, it’s a little more complicated, and at the very least, the statement was “Then let them eat pastry!”

A second quote that is very surprising: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Many people lovingly attribute this to the well-liked Dr. Seuss. However, the quote is from an engineer named “Mr. Davies,” writing in a 1938 London journal!

A third quote commonly attributed to Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” was actually brought into popularity by Rita Mae Brown, a novelist who said it came from a fictional character she was writing about!

There are plenty more quotes out there that have erroneous authors attributed to them. Who knows, maybe your favorite quote wasn’t even said by who you think said it!

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