Summing Up the Winter Olympics in Quotes

Over the past few weeks, people around the world have been treated to the finest displays of athleticism in the world thanks to the 2014 Winter Olympics. There were countless stories of triumph and sadness throughout this year’s Olympic Games.

Unfortunately for the US, Russia managed to come in first place when it came to the medal count by the end of the games on February 23rd at 33 medals, 13 of those gold (the most of any country). Another unfortunate result for the US was their loss against Canada in one of the Olympics favorite sports, hockey. However, the US did manage to beat Russia in one of the most exciting games the team played.

Following Russia in the medal count were Norway and Canada with 26 and 25 medals, but higher numbers of gold medals at 11 and 10 respectively. The US ended the 2014 Olympic Games with 9 gold medals and a total of 28 medals.

Looking back at the Olympic Games, everyone at NaQ wanted to share some of the best quotes with our readers. Here they are:

Dachhiri Sherpa, a Nepalese athlete on his approach to the competition: “I think there is a very big chance I will finish last. But the placing is not important if I can teach young people in Nepal about the Olympic spirit. This spirit is in my heart.”

New Zealander Ben Sandford on the unfortunate events leading up to his preparation: “I did an extra run at St. Moritz two weeks ago and crashed and broke my ankle, dislocated my collarbone, and knocked myself out. So it wasn’t the ideal preparation.”

Speedskater Shani Davis for the US before two races he did not end up medaling in: “I have two hands. I can hold two medals.”

The US cross-country coach said this to inspire his relay team: “I told them three things last night: fight until the end, believe in yourself, believe in your teammates, and sparkle out there.”

Helvis Lusis stating a hilarious fact about bobsledding: “Once you’re in the sled you have to sit still. If one of the guys farts, you just want to get to the finish and everyone is yelling and wants to get out of the sled.”

There are plenty more quotes from this year’s Winter Olympics. Submit your favorites if you know of some!

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