Teacher’s Strike Ongoing in Chicago

Chicago is a very impressive city in the US. The city is a big hub for transportation, air travel, business, and especially restaurants and bars. It’s a city known for its rough and frequently corrupt politics. Heck, Al Capone spent a lot of time doing business in Chicago!

The most recent political battle, however, is not with organized crime in Chicago. It’s a teacher’s strike that has been going on for over a week. Teachers are striking for better pay and resources for their students. The city and mayor are dealing with a tight budget and want to generate accountability through testing and other measures without raising the education costs for the city.

There’s a very good blog post written by Kate Dries about how others in the media and blogosphere view the Chicago strike. This is a great list of what people are saying that is worth checking out. We’ll list some of the good ones here.

“Ultimately, this imminent strike represents a challenge to the wave of school reforms imposed first by President Bush’s No Child Left Behind and then—even more aggressively—by President Obama’s Race to the Top.” – From The Daily Beast

“The mayor is triathlon fit, famously disciplined and generally as serious as a heart attack. Lewis is overweight, scattered in her ways and a wisecracking former chemistry teacher and failed stand-up comic.” – Once again from The Daily Beast, two days after the previous quote.

“So though this may change if the strike turns lengthy and disruptive, Chicago isn’t seeing its teachers as greedy. They’re seeing them as a vanguard in the struggle against what might happen to the rest of the middle class next if they don’t speak up.” – From Rick Perlstein at Salon

“A certain casual demonization of teachers has become sufficiently culturally prevalent that it passes for uncontroversial.”

Wherever you stand, this is going to be an interesting strike. There’s a lot at stake, and we can only hope that both sides keep the students’ best interests at heart.

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