Quotes By Jacqueline Ripstein

1. “We come to life to…”Veni, vidi, vici” Conquering our own lives is the goal of the game…”

2. “Love has many dimensions from where we can see it, when we don’t realize we are trapped in a body, Love becomes very limited, we try to possess what we cant, Our Soul Loves freely, unconditionally, its not finite or separate, it’s One, it’s Eternal…enjoy your day.”

3. “Pain is inevitable, suffering is a never ending anchor, that takes our joy away!”

4. “The ego has multiple ways to control us, to capture us…one of them is guilt!”

5. “How dare you be happy?…have these thoughts ever crossed your mind? Ask yourself…who is telling you this? Your ego? That requires punishment; or your Soul that embraces your Light.?”

6. “GOOOD MORNING my friends…soooo we think that the material world is for real?…OUR ONLY TRUE REALITY IS THE EXSISTENCE OF THE SOUL WITHIN US…It’s a heck of an illusion we live in.”

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