Web 2.0 Leading Towards Enterprise 2.0

For many years, the focus of web tech and online movements has been on increasing the interaction between users and allowing them to create the web they want to use. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, and many other user-generated sites are wildly popular and the companies have become some of the biggest in tech.

There was no doubt that the influence of the Web 2.0 movement would find its way to business. In order to reach consumers who are increasingly more active and connected in the online world, businesses had to adapt. Many of them have embraced social media and user-generated content. They have adapted their branding and advertising strategies to adjust to how the web works now and they are keenly paying attention to how it continues to develop.

There’s a great article posted at the beginning of July by Symon Garfield on CMS Wire discussing the adoption of Enterprise 2.0, based on the Web 2.0 movement. Before there was a lot of concern that the new social internet couldn’t provide any true business value, but it has been showing that it can. So what’s Enterprise 2.0? Symon summarizes a paper by Andrew McAfee writing, “the use of Web 2.0 technologies by knowledge workers within organizations.”

Businesses have been able to adapt the tools and technology of Web 2.0 to improve productivity, creativity, and the workplace in general. It’s easier than ever to use these technologies to improve a business, but they must be receptive to change and encouraging of the use of the new technology.

Company intranets are becoming more social and the possibilities for companies to take advantage of them are vast. The idea is to bring employees together in the same way that Web 2.0 has brought customers and consumers together in ways never seen before.

It’s an interesting idea and it’s likely to be very effective for certain companies. There’s no doubt that the future will see employees more involved in using this kind of technology in their daily jobs.

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